Thursday, April 9, 2009

haha hehe huhu

haha hehe huhu... apakah maksudnya???? dats what i feel today.. hari ni bersamaan dgn hari khamis, 9 April 2009 is my last day as an undergraduate students... ngeh2.. i guess dis is the day that i've been waiting for but honestly, i'm not dat happy... uhuhuhuh

lots of worriess and there are always things in my mind.. huhuhu

minggu depan dah prektikum and ill be traveling from peringgit 2 jasin everyday for 3 months..huhuhu
we ( ami, yayum, aireen, ksha, shakila n myself) met mdm khaliah and she has reminded us of few things to be taken serously during prektikum... so i would like to share this with all of u and those who are not in the circle of teaching, this could be something that u can ponder upon:

  1. jika anda mengajar di pedalaman or teaching the orang asli children, don't easily get mad especially scold them BECAUSE they will just run back home and not coming to school for days and probably weeks.. ( terkejut gaks,, slamba je depa leh balik umah, hahhaha)
  2. don't be too talkative ( biaq betoi??? camna nak extend relationship???? hmm) cos when u tell them ( ppl at school) too much, they might be doing a retelling session to ur pensyarah penbimbing. and don't tell them about ur personal matters...
  3. wear sensible clothing to school and not all the ketat2 things.. ( of cos la, nak p ngajq ka nak p wat modelling, dah la bdk2) cos the ppl at school will definitely label you such as ' sexy teacher and etc)
  4. be prepared to teach CHILDREN because most of trainee teachers are too ambitious and this absolutely useless to children.
setakat ni itu jer la yg aku igt, nti kalo aku igt lagi aku ckap kat korag yer...

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